My new book Kayu of Manis Valley is out!

My first book for MPH Publishing is finally out and I’m excited because this little story is really close to my heart. I wrote Kayu ages ago, back in 2012, and I was inspired by The Jungle Book and also by a holiday in Phuket. There was a small pond outside our room and one evening, we passed it at sunset and I don’t know whether it was a trick of the light or my wild imagination but I thought the log was an actual crocodile.

I thought maybe he’s just sitting there pretending to be a log. Maybe this crocodile really liked listening in on people’s conversation and maybe at night, when everyone’s asleep he likes to take a dip in the swimming pool (yes, I do have a very strange imagination).

Kayu, a young crocodile, is adopted by a family of spectacled-leaf monkeys in Manis Valley on the island of Langkawi. To remain in the valley and preserve the peace, he observes the Sacred Laws of the Jungle and learns to move through the valley unseen, hiding from the humans who have moved in when part of the rainforest is transformed into a holiday resort.  One day, Kayu overhears an evil plan and finds himself in a difficult situation: should he obey the Sacred Laws and not interfere with the affairs of humans, or should he save the life of a little girl?

This book was launched last month at MPH, One Utama and I was joined by Lim Lay Koon who did the illustrations for the book. We had a great time as you can see from the photos.

Kayu of Manis Valley is available from MPH Bookstores and priced at RM 22.90. You can also buy the book at the MPH online shop here:

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